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so much. >> afscme could not reach a agreement with the city last time around so the city imposed a contract that included a pay cut. kelley had to give up a horse she had for 13 years and the supervisor lost her home. >> i work hard, i got my job, i saved for my house and i feel like it was tornway from me because of the budget cuts. you take 12% of my pay, for a single person. i cannot make my anymore. >> look at the difference in response times. four years ago, 95% of calls were answered in ten seconds. by the second quarter of this fiscal year, only 90% of calls were answered within the ten seconds. people calming 911 with emergencies waited 4.5 seconds ned of 2.5, and people calling 311 with nonemergencies waited nearly minute. the dispatchers say the job is getting harder and not because of the calls we take. >> and the not knowing, how much more are they going to take. how much more can you alter your life, there's a point you lose everything. >> now the city of san jose may end the year with a projected surplus of $10 million. even with that, mayor reed said that the city
cookies, cakes and hot dogs named after the quarterback. to top it off, the city's mayor proclaimed this weekend colin kaepernick and the 49ers weekend. >>> stay with nbc bay area for complete super bowl coverage on air and online, including wall to wall coverage following the game. we have a team of reporters on the ground in new orleans, they'll have reactions from players, coaches and fans. >>> new information tonight in the death of a girl in fairfield. police released the girl's age today. she was 13 years old. investigators said she had been living with a foster family. the girl's body was found naked in a park in fair field yesterday morning. she was last seen leaving school thursday and had been reported missing from her foster family that night. police determined a cause of death but at this point are not releasing that information or her identity. >>> an oakland event turned deadly when an argument ended in gunfire. the shooting happened just before 11:00 near 20th and telegraph avenue. two groups of people who were downtown for the monthly art walk got into a confrontatio
of san francisco, the case involves a southern california pot club that sued the city of riverside over its decision to ban pot clubs. one side argued that state laws especially powers local governments to ban the establishment of pot clubs and the other side that they can only regulate the pot industry, not ban it all together. attorneys were interrupted by the justices several times and they appeared skeptical of the argument challenging the right of cities to ban pot clubs but one of the attorneys said that the court appeared divided. >> i feel that we clearly have certain justices in our corner. some of them showed their hands more than others. and i am -- feeling optimistic that those justices will be able to convince the ones that have a doubt. >> the court's special session at usf was to commemorate is school's history. the court will issue a ruling on the case within 90 days. >> sad and not surprised, that was the reaction of people that witnessed a crash that sent a woman to the hospital. a 29-year-old woman, a seven-year-old and a 1-year-old were crossing crestview drive when
. . >>> hundreds of people are meeting to discuss the city's crime problem. nbc bay's monty francis live with the story. monty? >> reporter: good evening. there is standing room only inside this theater behind me. the meeting was supposed to end at 5:00 but it is still going on now. bill bratton is not here but the man esteeming up with to review the oakland police department, rob wasserman is inside speaking. wasserman is the cheryl of the strategic policy partnership is he has a $100,000 contract with the city of oakland to review the violence and prevention strategies. at this meeting he said he would help develop a living action plan and vowed at the end of the process, oakland would be a different city. he also called oakland one of the most complex policing environments in the u.s. >> the police can make a difference if they are focused and they're passionate and they're out there on the streets. if they have a presence. >> reporter: the homicide rate in oakland reached a six-year crime and violence jumped 23%. burglaries were up even more than that. and wasserman was telling the p
the growing expense of cleaning up the city's homeless camps? they're moving forward to clean up with the encampment. what is the total cost and where will these people go now? damian trujillo joins us live at the site with some answers. damian? >> this will be in the thousands. there are tents scattered throughout the acreage here. this is actually right below the flight path of say proeching planes here, but next week everyone here has to go. the city says it's concerned about the neighborhood, the environment and the homeless themselves during the cold nights. so next week they will get a 72-hour notice to move out before crews begin cleaning up the area. they did this kind of cleanup efrl years around town. it costs themselves thousands of dollars per day to do it. advocates will be on hand to offer alternatives like shelters and other services. where will they go? some say they don't know. one told me he's going to walk across the street, wait for the cleanup to end and move back in. he said they need to spread the wealth. >> the average income the valley is so much money. i
of these offices here in mountain view, a team of scientists are trying to save our cities from very large asteroids. this is home to the v6-12 foundation a non-profit group that has been raising money to send in orbit around the sun a space telescope that will be able to detect the asteroids we can't see from earth. within the first month of its operation in 2018, the foundation expects sentinel, as it is called to discover more asteroids than earth-based telescopes have over the past 30 years. nasa has reportedly found most of the big asteroids that could wipe out mankind, but the smaller ones that could take out cities or regions, we only know about 1% of those. the goal for sentinel is to find those, and if we have several years warning scientists believe we could deflected any earth-bound rocks away from us. the bottom line, they don't want us to be blind-sided like we were yesterday when a large ten-ton meteor barrelled across the sky in siberia, traveling 59 more than 30,000 miles per hour, creating a shockwave that blew out windows and knocked down part of a factory. more than 1,00
. >> earlier this month, the city council planned to turn those lights back on. s something council members were anxious to do. >> reporter: district 8 had the most lights turned off. 179, to be exact. >> i'm making sure we prioritize the lights where we're most concerned about public safety. and i would be asking the department of transportation to do that. >> reporter: at the same time the city is working to turn the rights back on, it's also scrambling to repair lights darkened by copper wire theft. >> we have about 125 locations that have been hit with copper theft and that's affecting 350 individual lights. so it's a big deal for us. . >> reporter: the deputy director of transportation says the city has spent $300,000 repairing copper wire. it's considering adding more money to deal with the problem. >> the department of transportation hopes to have them all reconnected within three months. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. >>> new at 5, rescued from the streets. a 16-year-old girl the victim of human trafficking is now in protective custody. the san jose pol
. >>> right now in downtown san jose, mayor chuck reed is preparing to deliver his seventh state of the city address. a live look now where preparations are under way at the san jose civic auditorium. an awards ceremony will precede the mayor's talk, most of which will address the city's financial outlook. mayor reed has already said he will address the pension reforms that were approved by voters last year. the second part of this issue is the retaining the police officers who were angered by those reforms. ahead at 6:00 we'll look at how the mayor has fulfilled those promises from his last state of the city address. >>> today state lawmakers, law enforcement officials and several california mayors gathered in sacramento to outline new gun regulation. as a backdrop, they used a display of semiautomatic rifles and high-capacity magazines they want banned. >> the violence is most sharp in our cities, in the big cities. the numbers not only tell us that, but the grief. >> state democrats are introducing seven bills in ball aimed at tackling mental health issues and further regulating firearms.
appearance means trips around town to enjoy the city's unique flare. in mardi gras world, the history of the parade and floats were stored was an activity. she enjoyed the day with her kids. >> it's been amazing, the kids are having a blast and the 49ers have just done everything up. in an amagz way for the families, everyone has been involved, everyone has been helpful, and it's just been a great experience and the game has not even begun. >> it was a day that took on a carnival like atmosphere around the facility. ray lewis made an appearance on the streets. the spotlight is bright and all manner of characters are starting to make the scene. >> things are starting to get crazy a bit. that guy, i don't know what his deal is anyway, coming up tonight at 6:00, we have jerry rice a day in the life and much more, we will see you in a bit. >> looking forward to that, thank you. nbc bay area is your place for everything 49ers. tomorrow at 9:00 p.m., don't forget to tune in for our prime time super bowl special from new orleans. and after the game on sunday, switch to nbc bay area after the
. this is a live picture of the east san jose foothills. sunny, beautiful and warm. in fact, a few bay area cities broke records today. jeff ranieri is here to tell us which city was the hottest. >> good afternoon to you guys, not terribly disruptive outside. sunshine being enjoyed. and one of the warmest temperatures was near 80. that is unheard of this time of the year. gilroy topping out at 79, we could hit 80 if we warm up another degree in the next hour. san rafael 76. and one of the records so far, napa with 71. that is besting the old record. let's go outside to the live sky camera network. the other problem is the haze. we are at moderate levels of air quality and pollen in the high category. it has been enjoyable and a lot of you are suffering from a headache, watry eyes and maybe coughing again with the poor air quality. we will get rainfall in here and we need it. look at this, 2013, the driest on record for january and february for these cities. that first column, that is it, that is all you have had since january first with rain there in napa, less than 10% of the rain that you should
: event wally he will live in this renovated monetary in vatican city, physically close to the new pope, but no one expects him to be intrusive. >> the new pope may come in and seek his advice. >> he'll be remembered as the pope who resigned, without a doubt. and i think it may be his finest legacy to the church, his greatest gift to the church because really he's brought the papacy into the modern age. >> reporter: currently the conclave to choose the successor to benedict xvi is scheduled to begin between march 15 and march 20 but there's talk that day could be moved up because the cardinals who will vote on his successor are all scheduled to be here to say good-bye to the pope on february 28th. i'm anne thompson in rome. >>> one of those with a vote is roger mahoney, the former bishop of los angeles. he's expected in court. he's facing a deposition of accusations he maneuvered behind the scenes to protect accused priests and to protect the church. despite those accusations and being removed as archbishop in l.a. he still remains a cardinal in the church and that qualifies him to cast
bay area news. >> thanks, jodi t city of san jose said it's working on a plan to fix bad roads but taxpayers will are likely foot the bill. nearly quarter of the road ways are in poor condition and but 2020 every road will be in that category. city leaders are proposing a series of taxes to increase the funding for road work. it includes a quarter or half cent tax increase and a bond increase that will cost the average home owner $100 a year. >>> the cliff hanging road way, has a section being renamed in honor of the late congressman. the two new mile long tunnels have safety features such as remote cameras and carbon monoxide sensors. >> here is good news, those rising gas prices may not be rising anymore. a drop in wholesale prices might stop the spike in gas prices at the pump. nationwide, we are paying an average of $.20 a gat on more than we did two weeks ago. a lot different than in the bay area, on average, people are spending an extra $30 a month due to rising prices. >>> the flights from san jose to tokyo will be grounded through may. japan's air ways is working to 787
, they know i would never leave without saying goodbye. >> the city said it can't comment since it's a confidential personnel later. attempted to reach the parent to complained has been unsuccessful. >>> the parents of a transgender child are suing the school district over the child's access to the school bathroom. coy, is a boy who identifies as a girl. school districts say coy cannot use the girl's bathroom, they say he can use the boys restroom, the staff bathroom, or the nurses office. parents say it's discrimination. >> you see her having to quake quite away to get to the adult bathrooms or the nurses restroom. and you're singling her out when you do that. it doesn't need to be created. >> coy has been pulled from public school and is being homeschooled. >>> today's apple shareholder meeting was largely positive. they gathered to hear tim cooke talk about the company's future. he says he's disappointed in the stock drop, but says he's in it for the long all. those we spoke to today said they're happy with the direction of the company. one asked that vice president al gore be r
for the first time in department history, more officers resigned than retired. the full city council will consider the bonus idea next month. >> a frantic and tragedy scene, fast-moving fire at mobile home park and despite a neighbor's heroic efforts, one woman died. flames reached 40 feet at the plaza delray mobile home community in sunny veil. this is at 2:37. it happened just before midnight last night. two people, man and woman, were inside the home when the fire started. a neighbor saw flames and started to help. >> started banging on the door, rang the door bell. didn't hear anybody saying kwt what" or answering the door in my way. i then hear sirens. >> a police officer helped pull a man out. a woman died at the scene. investigators believe the fire started in a rear bedroom. no word yelt yet on the cause. >> the focus new orleans should be be on field but tonight the team deals with damage control after about a comment about gays in the nfl. >> i'm sure you've heard the story by now. chris culver saying he would be opposed to having a guy teammate. now he did release a statem
mayor to take part in a day of service in their city. are you guys still excited about this game here today? it is setting in that the score is not really so great at this point. we still have another half the game to go. >> they need to get back in the spirit. >> it is not over. >> consider yourself warned with so many people in the bay area partying for the super bowl, police and the chp are out in force trying to keep the roads safe tonight. kimberly has more on some dui checkpoints. >> reporter: hello. football fans are partying as you saw and police say they are ready for them. this is just one intersection that will be turned into a dui check point this evening. this one on south matilda in sunnyvale will run between el camino and washington avenue. they are part of the santa clara county dui task force. 13 agencies combining efforts to keep drunk drivers off the streets. police say they know alcohol is part of most super bowl parties and they want everyone to enjoy themselves on what has become almost a national holiday. what they don't want is for to you celebrate a potential
. and some re low rain snow mix. we will let you know which city across the bay area may actually get a rain snow mix down at the lower elevations. we are talking 2-500 feet. >> we will see you shortly. >> there were bomb sniffing jobs and eevacuations, the target? many government offices. two buildings were evacuated following a 7:00 a.m. bomb threat. the threat was made to the big building leased to the lawrence berkl berkley national lab. the bomb sniffing dogs and disposal technicians came from local law enforcement, and from the coast guard and homeland security. after six hours the buildings did reopen. >> fairfield police say the investigation into the killing of a 13-year-old girl is progressing but they are not ready to share what they have uncovered. the police held a press conference to assure that they are using all their resources to track down the killer. her naked body was found last friday morning at allen wi the tt park. a camera captured her walking down the street late that achb. and the police say they have uncovered more evidence in the case. >> when the time and place c
view based google is approaching the city of san jose, they need a place for their private jets. they have a new terminal, and plenty of passengers but google is not among them. google is approaching san jose about building annex active terminal, where google and other silicon valley firms could park and service their jets. airport officials say it will generate more than $2 million a year in rent. >> the housing market is showing a bit of a rebound as well as home remodelling. the national home builders association predicts a 20% increase in remodels over the next year. but things are different than the housing boom in 2005, when home owners were remodelling and flipping for profit. this time they are paying with cash and instead of grading to sell. they are staying put. >> their home is their castle and people are remodelling to enjoy. it's a factor with many people getting ideas off of sites like pinterest. >> the most talked about haircut in the country now. the giants were back at at&t park and we think we saw tim lincecum. we did. many of the giants at the park today getti
are now coming in and this is now the driest ever on record for five different cities here across the bay area, napa, san francisco, concord, redwood city and santa cruz. the first column is how much rainfall we had. napa .37 of an inch, we should have 5.62 of an inch. and the same in santa cruz. so far, the dry estimate ever on record since those records started, well keeping track in 1849 with the national weather service. let's go to the current temperatures, we are dropping outside. plenty of upper 50s right now and a few low 60s in the north bay, let's look outside of the sky camera network and you see, clear skies in san jose right now, and what you will notice is that haze will be building up as we head throughout tuesday, wednesday, and and thursday with the air quality suffering and an incredible shot. this is the money shot tonight for emoryville, with the sunsetting, that is beautiful. if you happened to get away with shorts at work for today, we have good news. high pressure will not budget much as we go through tuesday and wednesday. it's pushing the storm track off to the no
not want the city taxpayers footing the bill for police, clean up and transportation. the race was pitched as a competition between as many as 12 international teams. but right now, just three teams are confirmed and it's scaring away sponsors. mayor lee has said he will get more involved to help raise money. tnchlths well, there are moments of beauty that while fleeting stay with us forever. the community of half moon bay is nearing the end of one of those moments. >> two weeks ago a artist pulled an old piano out of the bluffs to play. the impromptu hoe ends tomorrow. kris? >> hi, there, raj, the artist that dragged this old and out of tune piano out to the bluff wanted to show the impermanence of things but what he will show is that memories can last forever. she was one of the many people that could not keep her hands off the piano at half moon bay. >> it was great, i never had an experience like this. i could keep playing, i wish it would stay for a long time. >> but it will not stay here. the artist, dragged it out here on february 1st to this beautiful spot where he had always been
to a domestic violence charge invited the group into the jails. he wasn't invited to take part in the city's official domestic violence event today. >>> this is a vacation they will never forget for all the wrong reasons. more than 4,000 people just looking for a clean bathroom and fresh food. a nightmare scenario but it is almost over. that crippled cruise ship is now within eye shot of the shoreline. we bring in nbc bay area's jay gray who joins us from mobile, alabama. that's where the ship is toed in at a snail's pace. this is a bizarre story. what's the latest? >> roger, it keeps getting worse. look, imagine the passengers right now, they can see the shoreline, just can't get to it yet. that has to be frustrating. as they were moving at a pace of about seven miles an hour, the tow rope breaks and they will finally be in, hopefully, fingers crossed, sometime after midnight. even then it is a difficult go once they finally make it back to the terminal here. they are the first clear signs of desperation on board. pleas for help painted on bet sheets as triumph creeps into mobile bay. >>
in the city. >> it is. >> how are we looking for the parade and tomorrow? >> yeah, we are going to clear out just in time for the chinese new year parade as we go through the up coming weekend. doppler radar is dry after all the wild activity yesterday. let's look at the big story and that was the cold temperatures this morning. coincidence, santa rosa had one of the largest jumps this afternoon, reaching 60. if you like what we had today, we have more. mid 60s coming in santa rosa. otherwise, winds ten to 20 miles an hour. prevailing out of the north, northwest that is making it blustery. it is feeling cooler out here to most of the bay area. let's go outside to the live hd sky camera network, you see in san jose, we are looking at the mount lick observatory, we have haze and plenty of clear skies in the south bay and up to san francisco, clear and windy. it will be a beautiful night across downtown. now, let's go to the weather picture. we have the system off to the north, it's weak as we get closer. it will break up, we are not expecting any rainfall from this thursday. earlier in the wee
. the city didn't have the money to operate and maintain it until now. hundreds came out for the baskin library ribbon cutting. community members see it as a hard-fought long awaited opening. >> we have been waiting so long for the library and gym to open. it is a wonderful location, so, yeah, we're really excited. >> three other new libraries have been moth balled. city leaders say there still isn't enough money to operate them. >>> people braved the cold in costumes to take the dip in icy water. >> more than 1,000 people took part in the polar plunge in support of the special olympics. the funds raised help provide one full season of sports instruction and competition for special olympics concept. >> very cool concept, way too cold for me. >> cold concept. >> absolutely. >>> a little windy. took a hike. chilly out today. sunny. >> sun out, but san francisco, only 51 degrees, so the polar plunge, the sunshine out, water temperature might have been warmer than the air temperature at times today around san francisco, 55 degrees in san jose, 59 in morgan hill, upper 50s in the tri-valley
that the airline will recognize there's more opportunity more flights to other cities. san jose international has tried to step out of the shadows of sfo and oakland and lure more passengers. the airport completed a major renovation in 2010 and added a new vip lounge and recently added a nonstop flight to tokyo, that flight is now on hold after the fell aviation administration grounded the dreamliner to investigate safety issues. still, will virgin america be packing more passengers to the nearly empty terminal? this traveler comes here several times a year. >> i think it's great, i love flying out of san jose, i fly out of san francisco a lot because of necessity. >> some of the passengers we talked to today hoped the added competition will save them money. >> it's great to have more options and not have to go to san francisco, helps fill up the air port and have more competitive flight prices. >> virgin america did not want to comment, but in a statement made it clear, they are hoping their features give them an edge. they have wifi and other tech forward ammenities, we think our new flights wi
week a navy memo said that the blue angels will be grounded this summer. they perform in 30 u.s. cities each year, while the angels are one part of fleet week, they are generally the biggest draw and the key reason that a million people spend that weekend in san francisco every year. >> the santa cruz community is on high alert after yesterday's violent sexual attack on a woman visiting the campus. she was beaten and raped on a wooded path at noon. she was treated at a local hospital for bruises to her head. she describes the attacker. a white male in his 30s, dark hair, a full mustache and goatee and a tattoo on his upper right arm. he smelled of cigarettes. >> still ahead at 5, burned down to the ground, a fiery send off. >> and talking about what your probably talking about, gas prices that continue to be above $4, how other folks are reacting coming up. >> and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri, dramatic drop in temperatures for today from 79 in gilroy on friday to 53 today and san francisco from 71 to 51, not toonly the cold blast, but e rain as well. >> for the 32nd day in a row, ga
smith, the quarterback for the 49ers, has been traded to the kansas city chiefs according to a report. that trade cannot be finalized until march 12. we will keep you updated on that information coming into our news room as we speak. >> what did the niners get? >> that we don't know. we don't know exactly what they got whether it is draft picks or what. at this point we are hearing they were traded. we will have an update on that possible trade. >> thanks a lot. >>> when we return we have a sneak preview of the "today" show interview with gold medalist lindsay von. >> why she says don't count her out of the 2014 games. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and int
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